Please Turn Down The Whining

I just wanted to let you all know that I am sitting in a quiet house right now. Little Lady's bedtime slowly creeps up earlier and earlier, so after about forty minutes of what I can only assume is uninterrupted nursing bliss (as opposed to what goes on the majority of the day when you are a nursing infant with a toddler sibling), she is in bed at 6:35. The Hubbs has taken Little Man to a local game. So, I will say it again: I am sitting in a quiet house right now, essentially alone. It. Is. Wonderful.

There seems to be some kind of switch that gets flipped when a child turns two. It is the whining switch. The whining...oh, the whining. I can take a little whining, but the seemingly non-stop whining that sometimes goes on in this house is enough to push me over the edge.

Yesterday morning went something like this: "I watch my show? I watch my show? I waaaattccchhhhh my shooowwwwwww???" "No." "Do musics?? Doooo musicccccss?? Doo muuuuuusiccccs? I watttcchhhhhhh my shooowwwwwww? Do muuuuuusiccs??" "No."

Crying, tears. "I wattttchhhhh my shoooowwwww??? Do musicsss?" "No." Snot, boogers, crying, tears. Then he tries to pull it together "Watch my show?" No. "Do musics?" No. "WAAATCCCCCHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY SHOOOOOWWWWWW!!! DOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUSICCCS!!". Oh. My. God. Someone make it stop.

So, anyways. The silence right now is golden. Although as I type, they are pulling in the driveway. The silence WAS golden.

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