State's attorney says part of Finizio's marijuana order violates state law

New London — The New London state's attorney has said the mayor does not have the authority to tell his police officers to look the other way when they see marijuana use on private property.

State's attorney Michael L. Regan said Wednesday a section of a mayoral executive order, which tells city police not to pursue charges involving possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia if the violation occurs on private property and the landowner has not made a complaint or requested police assistance, violates state law.

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio, who issued the order Tuesday morning, said he will abide by the state's opinion and rescind that section of the order, but he said believes he has the authority to allocate police resources where they are needed the most.

"I accept their ruling and I will not challenge their ruling," Finizio said. "I do not believe it is in the city's bests interest to pursue it, or fight it."


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