New London slaying victim was shocked to see gunmen

Moments before he was gunned down in his New London apartment last month, Jorge "Loco" Rosa woke up to find two men pointing handguns at him from the end of the bed, according to a court document released Thursday.

Rosa's girlfriend, who was in bed with Rosa when the two men forced their way into 252 Montauk Ave. in the early-morning hours of Nov. 12, said Rosa had a shocked look on his face. She told police that one of the gunmen, her ex-boyfriend Evan J. Holmes, asked Rosa who he was. She said the other man, 18-year-old Davion Smith, also said something that she could not recall. She said Holmes fired two or three shots at Rosa before the two gunmen fled the apartment.

New details of the crime were revealed Thursday when Holmes, during a regular court appearance in the murder case, was served with an arrest warrant charging him with violation of probation. Nine days before he allegedly killed Rosa in his bed, he had been released after serving an 18-month prison sentence for an unrelated shooting. He is accused of violating the terms of his probation by committing the new crime.

The woman who witnessed the crime is identified only as "Witness #1" in the arrest warrant affidavit.

Rosa, 25, was able to speak after he was shot but was pronounced dead by paramedics at 4:35 a.m., which is 18 minutes after the girlfriend called 911 to report the shooting, according to the affidavit. He had suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, torso and genitals, and police noted there was a large amount of blood on the bedroom floor and walls.

New London police broadcast a description of the car Holmes was driving and caught him hours later. Old Saybrook police spotted the white Ford Crown Victoria at the Days Inn motel and arrested Holmes following a brief chase and struggle. The woman he was with, identified as Shanice Sebastian, complied with police commands.

Smith, the other accused gunman, remains at large.

The female witness told police that she had dated Holmes for about four years until Holmes went to prison in April 2010. She said they broke up before he went to prison, reunited for a short time, then broke up for good. She said she had seen Holmes on the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6 in Providence, but the two did not speak.

The woman said that Smith had been at Rosa's apartment on Nov. 2, the day before Holmes was to be released from prison. She said Smith was "acting funny" and made a comment that his "brother," meaning Holmes, was coming home the next day. She told a detective "she thought it was strange that Smith would say something like that in front of her," according to the affidavit.

Holmes, who is being held in lieu of a $500,000 cash bond at the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Institution, met with his attorney, William T. Koch Jr., in the courthouse lockup Thursday. He will return to court Dec. 29, when his attorney may indicate whether Holmes will opt to have a probable cause hearing. Murder defendants in Connecticut are entitled to such a hearing within 60 days of their arrest.


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