Boorish crowd ruined ballet experience

When did attending a show at a fine theater, such as the Moscow Festival Ballet's presentation of Sleeping Beauty at the Garde Performing Arts Center become so disappointing due to audience behavior?

The woman seated in front of me was wearing enough perfume to knock out an elephant; I had a headache in less than one minute. The child one row down and six seats right was unable to stop a continuous cough, making me feel sorry the child was not being cared for and wondering why her parents felt it appropriate to have her in attendance. The man sitting directly to my left allowed his child to talk throughout the performance. There was continuous buzz in the audience, including volleys of coughing that made me wish I had taken echinacea before I left home.

I am so very disappointed. When did people stop caring about how they behave in a public setting? I am all for progressiveness, but tonight I wished that I might have been back in the Victorian age, any age really, where people had respect and were polite to one another in public. I saw one woman wearing fur; I wish the rest of the audience had brought their manners to match her outfit.

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