Discrimination in NL fire department

Congratulations to David Collins on his Jan. 13 column, "Black firefighter recruit was one of the first people Mayor Finizio fired."

I don't know enough to address the firing of firefighting recruit Alfred Mayo, but I am pleased that Mr. Collins has raised the discriminatory practice by the city of New London and its fire chief. How else does one explain why no black firefighter has been hired in over 30 years?

I am amazed that the African-American community has not been in the forefront of this issue. The article made me ask myself some other questions that I would like to see Mr. Collins tackle. For example how many New London firefighters and police officers actually live in the city of New London? If a firefighter or police officer lives in the "suburbs" how concerned are they about a city they work for but don't live in? Why aren't more city residents hired in our police and fire departments?

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