New poll has to make Yankee Institute blue

It had to be painful, but the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a strong advocate for fiscal conservatism in Connecticut, today released its latest political poll numbers showing all good news for Democrats who share little in common with Yankee's goals.

The polling of Connecticut voters shows President Obama well ahead of both Republicans Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. It also shows Congressman Chris Murphy, considered the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to fill the Senate seat Joe Lieberman is vacating, leading both Republicans Chris Shays and Linda McMahon.

Finally, the poll found positive approval ratings for Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal (61%); President Obama (53%); and even tax-raising Gov. Dannel Malloy (51%). All three have seen their standing rise since the last time Yankee took the pulse of Connecticut.

In an age of a lot of cooked political polling, you have to give credit to this Red state-leaning organziation for doing honest, scientific polling that shows Connecticut becoming an ever deeper shade of Blue.

You can check out the poll results here.

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