Goodbye Tios. Hello The Pub?

It appears Rod Cornish's stab at Mexican was short lived. According to their facebook page, Tio Rodrigo's last night in business was Saturday.

This message was posted on the page Saturday night:

"Tonight was Tio Rodrigo's Mexican Grill's last night in business as Tios. We want to thank all of the employees and people who patronized us and will honor your Tios Groupons and Gift certificates at Hotrodcafe Newlondon or at our new restaurant opening soon at The Tios location 419 bank Street called "The Pub" a BAR AND GRILL featuring hand-crafted burgers, salads and Prime Rib. We believe the ...area will be better served by the Pub as the audience for Mexican Food in this area, many of whom were very loyal and loved the food, was not big enough to sustain the business to my standards. Keep your eyes open for The Pub...we look forward to serving you more delicious food and drinks...See you soon. You will still be able to enjoy Chef Mike's Mexican food on Wednesdays at The Pub once its open. We are aiming for the week after next."

More to come on The Pub after we do some reporting. Their new facebook page says to expect burgers and Friday and Saturday night prime rib. They predict a Feb. 13 opening.

I don't think this area has nearly enough ethnic or Mexican food. You can get a burger anywhere. I am however, a huge fan of Hot Rods, so hopefully Rod will get this one right.

Did you ever patronize Tio's? What did you think?

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