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Hey, goose. Is that an arrow through your head?

The goose in question.
The goose in question.

You've no doubt seen TV footage of this poor little guy, who was shot through the head with an arrow but lived to tell about it. In fact, according to staff at the Florence Griswold Museum -- his preferred hangout spot -- this goose is acting like there's absolutely nothing wrong with him. What arrow? Whose head?

We're on a wild goose chase, literally, to track down the guy. Apparently he was out there again yesterday and has been idling by the FloGris for about 10 days now, but he wasn't there this morning. Maybe he needed a break from all the American Impressionism?

Barbara and Tom Muckle, of Old Lyme, sent us this picture of the goose a few days ago. They are dismayed by the cruelty of what they think might be a case of "using animals for target practice," according to their email.

Apparently, the sight of a goose with an arrow sticking right through it isn't as uncommon as you might think. In 2010, a goose was spotted hanging out in Prospect Park in Brooklyn with an arrow cutting straight through its neck.

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