Groton Town Top Cop wants to raise parking fines

Parking ticket, $10?

Apparently, a lot of people are willing to pay the price for a prime parking spot. So what if its an illegal one? Who cares?

Mike Crowley, Groton Town Chief of Police Cares. He's seeking an unspecified increase. Currently all parking violations, except in a fire lane are a $10, doubling if unpaid after seven days. Parking in a fire lane is a $25 fine, Crowley said ia memo to Mark Oefinger.

“These are very low compared to other municipalities around the state,” Crowley wrote. “Groton officers have had people ask how much the ticket is, and when they find out, leave their cars parked in the illegal spot for the convenience.”

In a telephone interview Crowley said the costs need to go up as a deterrent. He speculated that parking fines had not increased in, perhaps, 20 years.

In Groton City the standard fine is $15, $25 after five days unpaid.

“I want to raise the fees no matter what,” Crowley said.

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