The Growing Up Needs to Stop. Or At Least Slow Down A Bit.

My baby girl is almost seven months old. I know it is so cliche--"It goes soo fast", "Where does the time go??"--but what the hell? Seriously, how did this happen? Seven months means she is closer to a year than she is to being inside of me. Seven months apparently means she is not so much a baby anymore.

Little Lady is on the FAST track to Big Girl-dom. She has freakishly strong baby muscles. She has been sitting on her own since five and half months and has been scootching on her tushie for about 3 weeks now. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks and is truly just minutes from turning that into some action. And earlier this week? She pulled herself to stand. ON HER OWN. And you know what babies that stand are called? NOT BABIES.



Oh my goodness. What I am trying to tell you is I am freaking out because my baby is not little anymore. She is a big girl. With ideas. And intentions that she can act on. She sees a toy and she wants it? She can get it. She can feed herself finger food. She can do things on her own accord. I can leave her alone to play by herself.

I remember thinking about these things with Little Man, but it's different when you know there are more babies coming. Each milestone isn't quite so bittersweet. But there are no more babies after Little Lady. This is it. This is our (wonderful!) family. So, I really need Muscles McGee to slow down a little bit. Good grief, just don't stand up yet! Standing up means walking and walking means she's a toddler. And toddlers? Well, we all know toddlers are just miniature adult bosses and I certainly don't need another boss in this house just yet.

I am amazed and proud of my SuperBaby, but all this growing up business needs to stop. I need my babies to stay little. Not forever, but for a little bit longer.

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