Song Spinner: Bedroom Rehab Corporation

Dark and heavy: words that could describe either the song 'S.S. Hangover,' or the beer that Adam Wujtewicz and Meghan Killimade suggest you drink while listening to the first song on Bedroom Rehab Corporation's upcoming concept album.

S.S. Hangover (Sobering Sickness)

Water, water
But not a drop to drink
Holes in my plan
Holes in this boat
Enough to make it sink

No one gets out alive
Only rats leave the ship
Grow gills and you’ll survive
With a bottle in your grip

All the whiskey
All the Rum
Both will make you pay
Slept through the morning
Suffered through the sun
Sick throughout the day

Nothin’ left to live for
This boats a floating tomb
There’s no returning to shore
Just hope the end is soon


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