NL should create Matthew Chew mural

Matthew Chew was a renaissance man who worked, played, and lived in the raw, eclectic city of New London, thriving as an artist, DJ, award winning chef, and musician. He embodied the very spirit of this city. He drew friends from everywhere to revel in its genuine, organic streets.

Matthew fought the good fight. He walked freely and alone downtown, knowing that if people like him existed, there was good in the New London, and it would prevail.

And, despite the tragedy of his murder, it will. The movement he inspired in spite of his defeat has grown exponentially since his death. New London should aspire to Matthew; he was the catalyst for its revival, bonding youth and adult alike in a buoyant camaraderie never before seen anywhere in Connecticut.

No one's art is more deserving of a wall in New London. His painted wall should serve as a monument to the movement, a proud symbol of New London's authentic culture and legendary triumph. It would be an awe-inspiring landmark for all to bear witness to the chronicles of The Renaissance City; an inspiration people can take with them to all their corners of the world with one message:

Seriously, you just gotta see New London!

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