Nothing better than stick-to-the-ribs pizza

There used to be a guy who sold pizza out of the back of his SUV in Providence in time to catch people coming out of the clubs and bars at closing time. His name was Stewie; he wore a microphone headset and he rapped about his product to people passing by.

He’d say things like “Detox, cheese in a box.” Then emphatically say, “Cheese on it!”

Stewie specialized in that stick-to-the ribs, really cheesy pizza, the kind you want if you’ve skipped lunch or just spent a long night at your favorite bar. That type of pizza probably doesn’t get a lot of praise in high end dining magazines, but it’s worthy of some recognition.

When I first started going out to lunch in New London, I quickly found out there was a great place for this type of pizza and within walking distance from The Day’s office: Captain’s Pizza on Bank Street.

I’m a fan of artisan pizzas with fancy cheeses and toppings. But there’s something to be said for the kind of pizza Captain’s specializes in, especially when you’re starved and really in the mood for something quick, cheesy and satisfying

Today, I skipped lunch to cover an assignment and didn’t get a chance to eat something until after 3:00 p.m. So I stopped into Captain’s for some of that super-cheesy pizza I craved. I wasn’t disappointed.


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