Me Time

This has the potential to be the shortest post ever.  As in--me time?  What's that?  Done with blog.

But let's flesh this out a little bit more.  I have been blogging here for over a year now and I haven't told you much about ME.  I like to run.  I played soccer through college and didn't like to run for exercise.  After college, I ran here and there, but was never good enough for myself and never was able to keep a good routine.  In the fall of 2008, I actually trained for a race for the first time. 

Then I had Little Man and I felt obligated to be a healthier, better me.  I set a post-baby goal of a half marathon.  I started running for real in March of 2010 for the Niantic Half Marathon in September.  I ran 4 days a week and at the peak of my training, I ran 25-30 miles, worked 30 hours and was still nursing Little Man.  I set a goal for the half of sub two hours (9 minute mile) and easily met it, completing the race in 1:54:13 (8:43/mile).  I was hooked.  As difficulty as it was for me to admit prior to...after I crushed my goal, I could finally say I was a runner.   

Then the winter hit, and if you recall, it got very cold very quickly.  And I will be the first to tell you that I DO NOT like to run in the cold (or on treadmills.  I have LOTS of rules...), but I had such a great base that I didn't want to lose, so I was willing to battle the weather.  But then I got pregant again.  And it was just SO COLD.  So I decided I didn't need the "I ran through my pregnancy badge" and kicked up my not-yet-swollen ankles and relished in chocolate and baby growing.

About 4 weeks after Little Lady was born, I started running again.  Just about 2 miles, two times a week.  But I thought I was awesome.  That lasted two weeks and then Little Lady turned 6 weeks old.  For anyone with kids under two, I'm sure you remember the dreaded 6 week mark when your baby wakes up and realizes life on the outside isn't so great and they intend to tell you about it all the time for the next two to six weeks.  This didn't allow me any time to myself, as I didn't have the heart to leave the hubbs with a screaming baby that he didn't not have the equipment to soothe.

So here we are, now with a baby old enough to be without me and my boobs for a long enough period of time and a toddler who can entertain himself.  I set a goal that as of March I would run 3 days a week.  I certainly knew I wouldn't be running any long races on three days a week, but I would be running. 

Except three days a week, which I thought was attainable, is quite lofty.  I haven't met it yet.  And those sub-eight minute miles I used to log?  Oh, they are sooo a thing of the past.  Running is WORK again (as opposed to an enjoyable 5 miler...oh, I would love an enjoyable 5 miler...). 

I do love the brief respite, listening to MY music as opposed to The Imagination Movers Channel on Pandora or iheartradio, but not only is the running part work, but it is WORK just to get out the door.  With two kids, there is ALWAYS something I could be doing at home.  There is ALWAYS a reason that I can find to not run. 

And I guess there is always April to reach my goal. 

How about you?  What do you do for "me time" and how do you get it done?



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