Nice job cracking down on drug tools

Bravo to the New London resource office, Max Bertsch, the New London High School students, the New London Police Department and the Citizens on Patrol Program in New London. It is important that drug paraphernalia not be so convenient to students and young people. It is about time that someone took action. We didn't see all this stuff in the convenience stores as much 20 years ago. It is hypocritical to sell marijuana pipes when it is still illegal to smoke marijuana.

Store owner Uday Patel makes a weak argument in the April 5 article - "New London convenience stores asked to drop drug-related items from stock" - by contending that other stores sell drug paraphernalia and he fears losing business. Mr. Patel is worried about his profit margin. There is something more important than profit margins and that is our children. Officer Bertsch, keep up the good work. I applaud everyone involved.

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