Shattered Shower Door


Convenience and Ease of Cleaning

Glass shower doors are convenient in many ways. They keep water in more effectively than shower curtains. They donít omit the toxic smells that plastic curtains release. They donít need to be replaced periodically like curtains and liners. They can easily be cleaned and donít harbor mold like the curtains do.

Many people do not realize the convenience of having glass shower doors can be explosive.

What Kind of Glass are They Made of?

The doors are made of special tempered safety glass, required by federal, state, and local building codes and designed to break into small, relatively harmless shards.

Tempered glass is the safest of all types of glass. Itís designed to shatter into small pieces when it breaks which cuts down on the possibility of serious injury. This doesnít mean tempered glass is completely safe, however, and it can still cut and injure quite seriously. You need to remain aware of the dangers of tempered glass and take adequate safety precautions.

Tempered glass is resistant to a direct impact, however if your shower door is hit on the edge it can become fractured and it will continue to get worse.

How do you Know if Your Glass Shower Door is Tempered?

Tempered glass, or safety glass, is formed by sealing two pieces of glass together with a clear resin. Look for the labeling stamped on the glass. Tempered glass is usually properly labeled to satisfy specific building codes.

What can Cause the Glass to Explode?

Most likely the glass had a flaw or the glass was under stress in the frame.

What Can Happen?

New Warnings About Exploding Glass Door

How can you Insure Your Safety?

Regular Inspection:

Periodically check the shower door hardware to ensure fasteners remain secure. Tighten them if needed.

Ensure moving panels are securely attached to the door system.

Ensure moving glass panel is not directly contacting the wall or metal during operation. That means checking the panel alignment and making sure the bumpers and seals are in good condition.

Inspect glass regularly for any chips or cracks, paying special attention to glass edges, notches, and around holes in the glass for hardware. If there is any evidence of a crack, replace the glass panel immediately.

Elderly and Small Children

Families with small children, elderly parents or pets might also consider the added risks of glass shower doors.

ďBe SafeĒ