Valentine steals headlines

  • Boston's 3 game win streak over the Rays.
  • Red Sox starting pitchers and bullpen getting it done.
  • David Ortiz's hot start propels Sox to 31 runs over 3 games.
  • The tradition of Marathon Monday and Red Sox baseball.

These are all headlines that should be discussed this morning heading into the Red Sox 11:05 start looking to sweep the Tampa Bay Rays in a 4 game series.

Instead all the talk is revolving around new manager Bobby Valentine's comments regarding Kevin Youkilis saying, to summize, that Youk isn't physically or emotionally invested this season as he has been in the past.

This is the last thing the Boston Red Sox need. They've endured negative press for months after ending last season with the worst collapse in baseball followed by weeks of stories of "chicken and beer" and the "Francona/Epstein/Red Sox owners feud" then starting this season 1-5. I'm sure this homestand has been welcomed in that clubhouse until Bobby V's story hit last night.

Even if there's even a bit of truth to what he said, Valentine has to be more careful in a market like Boston when answering the way he did. He's created a firestorm this morning even if it wasn't intended. And his response today to try and downplay it was straight rambling and almost unbelieveable.

I'd love to say this is the last time I'll be bringing this up. Bobby Valentine has had a history of calling out players in the media and with all the newspaper, radio and tv interviews he does daily there will be more controversy to come.

This is what you get when you hire a guy like Valentine and I think the Red Sox knew this when they hired him. I promise you they are not happy this morning learning their manager's negative comments on a player are stealing the headlines from all the postive things their team is doing.

Even if the Red Sox are to win big or lose bad today, Valentine's comments on Youkilis will still be the story and that is on Bobby V.

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