Is cat the other white meat?

My wife and I were driving through Baltimore on our recent vacation when we came across what seemed to us to be the strangest new trend in dining: feline cuisine. In other words food made from cat meat.

We were listening to the radio when a commercial came on for Callahan's Original Feline Cuisine. The narrator was extolling the deliciousness and nutritional value of free-range cat.

It seemed unbelievable, but there it was on the radio.

I'm all for adventurous eating. I even tried cow tongue when I worked at a deli in college, and eating a Siberian tiger's heart is on my bucket list right behind growing my hair in Willie Nelson braids. But something about eating a cat, a small pet, just seemed wrong.

But there is a little twist to this story. I'll let you follow this link to the Callahan's website to find out.

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