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Red Sox in a Shambles

Honestly Mother Nature could not have helped the Red Sox any more last night as this team is in in utter disarray to start the season once again and I'm here to tell's worse than last year.

 I know it's still the beginning of the season but that game on Saturday against the Yankees was honestly one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. I'm not even going to break it down. It was just awful. By the amount of players declining to speak to the media after the game, I'm pretty sure they'd agreed with that too.

The question everyone's trying to answer today is: Who's to blame?

Many are pointing the finger at Bobby Valentine. If you've read my previous blogs and know my feelings on Terry Francona, you know I'm not a Bobby V fan. Has he made some questionable in-game decisions that have not worked out? Yes. Has he said too much in the media that's created unnecessary controversy? Yes. Do his players obviously not like playing for him right now? Yes. Still, I can't place the blame solely on him.

It's the pitching and the inept moves of the front office this offseason that has the Red Sox in this early season hole.

Worst ERA for starting pitching in baseball. It's not a typo. Worst in baseball with over a 6.10 collectively. Couple that with a bullpen that is atrocious right now. Legit terrible. Here's the big problem, too unlike seasons past: there's really no answer right now.

With Bailey on the extended DL and Melancon demoted to Pawtucket with a 49.50 ERA look at who's in the bullpen. Aceves. Padilla. Morales. Albers. Yikes.

Again, Bobby V has made some wrong in games moves but what does he have to work with? None of these guys have shown you anything through 14 games to give you any sort of confidence. Not even a 9-run lead is safe. Don't forget that Detroit game where they blew the game not once, but twice in three innings. After losing Papelbon this off season and placing Bard in the starting rotation, the front office did nothing to help the bullpen.

Speaking of, it now looks like Daniel Bard after beginning the season in the starting rotation, is being put back in the bullpen which again shows how the team is just in a shambles right now. They're backing off a move they made to start the season after just three weeks. It's a panic move and sadly it's one they probably had to make.

The guy you rely on most in the starting rotation is Jon Lester, who's pitching tonight and ironically coming off not the worst outing for him but of any starting pitcher on this 4-10 team. By the way, that's with Beckett and Buchholz giving up five home runs in one game…each.

Winning cures all when it comes to sports. This team needs something positive after losing five straight at Fenway Park. Let's hope the Minnesota Twins and Target Field is the answer.

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