Police: Fox that bit two people in Stonington was rabid

Stonington — Police said this afternoon that a fox that bit a child and teenager Friday night in Pawcatuck has tested positive for rabies.

That means the two victims, who were bitten in two separate incidents about four hours apart, will now have to undergo a series of injections to fight the rabies virus. If started shortly after the bite, the treatment is 100 percent effective.

The two victims both sought medical treatment for minor injuries after the bites, police said. The first incident occurred around 6 p.m. Friday on Pawcatuck Avenue, while the second occurred around 10:30 that night on Shea Drive.

On Saturday morning, police Officer Dale Brummund responded to several more calls of an aggressive fox in the area of Shea Drive.

Chief J. Darren Stewart commended Brummund, who shot the fox after the animal tried to attack him and he had to scale a stone wall.

Stewart said Brummund's actions means the two victims were not left wondering whether or not the fox was rabid. It also stopped the fox from biting anyone else.


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