Arrow through head hasn't stopped footloose goose in Old Lyme

Old Lyme — The goose with the arrow through its head that was spotted earlier this year is continuing to evade capture by town animal control officials.

The bird stood out Friday in a flock of fellow geese near High Hopes, a horse farm on Town Woods Road.

Old Lyme assistant animal control officer Lizabeth Gode said the goose is able to fly, which has thwarted attempts to capture it. She said officials have tried using nets and food to lure the goose, to no avail.

"We're keeping an eye out," Gode said. "If the arrow gets stuck on something or he gets sick, we can grab him … but he's doing great."

Multiple news organizations ran stories about the bird in early February. Since then, Gode said, the bird has seemed content to remain in the vicinity of Rogers Lake.

She said once the bird is captured, a veterinarian would need to determine whether the arrow could be removed.


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