Alcohol Alternatives in the Home!


It was alarming to me to hear about the six teens that were hospitalized this past week. They were hospitalized after separating the alcohol in the hand sanitizer and drinking it. This got me thinking about what else is there around a house that could be used as a alcohol alternative?

Iím a mother of teens and we do buy the usual products that everyone else does, such as deodorant, hair spray, facial cleaners etc.

Before writing this blog I knew of the most common products such as mouth wash, and cold medicines that could be used as an alcohol alternative.Thus, I started my quest to go through the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and into the garage to see what I could come up with.

There are different types of alcohols depending on the products. The oneís to be cautious of: Ethanol or pure alcohol ethyl, grain alcohol and drinking alcohol.

Cleaning Agents/Household Products




Disinfectant Spray



Health Products

Ethyl alcohol is used as hidden or processing aid ingredient in:

Throat Lozenges

Children Claritin

Chlor Trimeton


Throat Spray

Cough Syrup





Rubbing alcohol

Witch hazel 14%

Personal Care Products

* Alcohol may be used as a solvent or carrier in perfumes or in the flavor of toothpastes and personal care products such as bar soap, shampoo, conditioners, deodorants. Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA)is used as an ingredient only in personal care products.

Mouth wash

After Shave

Hand Sanitizers

Facial Cleansers/Toners/Moisturizers


Hair Spray

Hair Coloring


Hand Lotion

Hand Soap


Ethyl alcohol

Vanilla Extract minimum 35% alcohol in USA and Canada

Beverage Four contains 4% alcohol

Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce up to 3% alcohol

Vanilla flavors contain alcohol

Confectionary Glazes are alcohol solutions of various type of food grade Shellac. The alcohol is evaporated during application.

Nucleotide in baby formula is obtained from cells of brewer yeast which is grown on alcohol.

Liquid Containing Desserts. Many Cheesecakes are made with real liquor.

Dijon Mustard is made with wine.

Alcohol present in non stick cooking oil spray as an ingredient such as Pamís

non-stick cooking spray.

Breath Mints

Cooking Wine

Fermented Vinegar

Ethanol is also called Pure Alcohol, Grain Alcohol, Drinking Alcohol, or Ethyl Alcohol. These are not only found in cleaning agents, food products, health products, and personal care products. They can be found in auto fuel, remote control vehicle fuel, rocket fuel and alcohol beverages.

*Drinking ethanol can have some serious side effects that can be fatal.

Some side effects:

Difficulty breathing


Racing Heart



Blurred Vision


Blurred Vision

Slurred Speech

Stomach Pain

The more of an understanding that people have of products that are in there homes that contain ethanol and the side effects they may cause the more cautious they should be, especially if they have teens or someone that is a recovering alcoholic. If ethanol is abused continually it will lead to death.