Narragansett Summer Ale returns

Heard word today that Narragansett Sumer Ale has officially returned for the season. The beer, which debuted last year, is the first summer seasonal released by the company in its more than 120-year history.

It’s going to be available in all New England states, eastern Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida.

Narragansett Beer has been a big favorite in these parts of southern New England for a while but this summer seasonal has a special connection to the area. A press release from Narragansett says the summer seasonal was brewed under the supervision of Brewmaster Sean Larkin at Trinity Brew House in Providence, Cottrell Brewery in Pawcatuck and North American Breweries in Rochester, N.Y.

I’ve never tried this beer but the release describes it this way: “The malt flavor is smooth and subtle, balanced out by a crisp hop bitterness that delivers natural notes of grapefruit and passion fruit. Summer Ale is 4.2% Alcohol by Volume and 24 IBUs.”

So enjoy the summer and all the seasonal ales that come with it my friends!


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