Be Blown Away

Maginashun Movers in REAL LIFE!!
Maginashun Movers in REAL LIFE!!

You know that moment that you are totally and utterly blown away? You know, your mouth drops open, you are left speechless and completely awestruck? No, I don't either.

As grown-ups, obviously there are less opportunities for us to see things for the first time, to be wowed by newness. We are a jaded lot. It's an affliction of adulthood--to be stuck in the day-to-day routine of our jobs, our homes, our marriages. We don't look for those moments to be wowed, and if they happen we may be too busy tending to our daily checklist to notice them.

The answer? Start looking at the world around you through the eyes of your children. All of a sudden even the dandelions you have been waging a war against for the past three weeks are interesting and new.

I took Little Man to the Imagination Movers this past weekend. It really was a great show, but "just" another concert if I watched it through my eyes. But through Little Man's eyes? "Maginashun Movers in real life!" was mind-blowingly awesome. That moment that the curtain went up and these four guys from TV were on the stage, his mouth dropped open, his eyes widened and he was rendered both speechless and motionless. And I welled up. I admit it. Seeing his amazement, his joy, so tangible and real, made me beyond happy.

You don't need Imagination Movers to be wowed. If you choose to open your eyes to what your children see, your ears to what your children say, I can safely say there will be multiple opportunities in just one day to be blown away by all the newness around you.

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