NL should next return to volunteer firefighters

I'd like to suggest a way to save some tax dollars in New London - reinstate the volunteer firefighters. Most of the surrounding towns/cities have always used volunteers with a few paid personnel to man their fire stations as first responders and apparatus drivers. I have served as a volunteer firefighter with the Gales Ferry company and the Ledyard Volunteer Emergency Squad for a period of 11 years. I saw firsthand that volunteers got the job done just as well if not better than the paid departments.Our training was the same, as we attended the firefighter's training academy, classes for MRTs (Medical Response Tech), EMTs (Emergency Medical Tech) and all courses were certified by the state of Connecticut.

If it still works for the surrounding towns of Waterford, Groton, East Lyme, Montville and Norwich, then I'm sure it could still work for New London at a much lower price tag then what we're spending today. Maybe it's time to bring back the volunteer firefighting force again. Look at the tax dollars that could be saved and the same job would be accomplished by volunteer dedication as shown by the brave volunteers of the surrounding towns.

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