An 'Occupy' event with positive spin

Occupy Ocean Beach Park occurred on May 5. It involved a number of groups and organizations, including Connecticut College Mentors with Bennie Dover Students, Coast Guard Academy cadets, Save the Sound, Three Rivers Community College, and Save Ocean Beach.

There was no need of sanitation crews to clean up the trash left by this throng, or the need to survey and get an accounting of the damage they caused. No need for police to control violent protesters, and report incidence of assault, murder, rape, and vandalism. These citizens didn't arrive with angry protest signs, and selfish demands, but with a desire to make a positive difference. They came to do their part to maintain a location beloved by all of New London, and to many others outside our community.

They volunteered to lift a shovel, drag a rake, push a broom, and fill trash bags. They came to work. They came to make a difference, a positive difference, and they succeeded. They didn't blame those who came before them, they pitched in to make things better for those who would come after. New London can be proud of this Occupy movement.

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