Gay marriage: It's good for the economy

I don’t get what all the fuss is about gay marriage, but it is kind of amusing to hear the pundits argue whether it will help President Obama’s re-election campaign, hurt it or have no effect.

I tend to agree with the no-effect crowd. They argue that the anti-gay marriage folks wouldn’t have voted for him anyway because they think he’s a Commie Muslim born in Indonesia.

Everyone else just cares about the economy.

And that’s why I support gay marriage. The business of America is business, as one of our  long-ago presidents has often been misquoted (Coolidge, I believe).

So let’s get down to it.

If you have gay marriage, then you have a whole new demographic to sell all sorts of goods and services to.

First you have the engagement ring market, then the engagement party catering or restaurant rental and bar tab.

Then you’ve got gowns and tuxes to buy and rent, flowers to order, cakes to purchase, meals for hundreds, a bigger bar tab, more catering and hall rentals.

Relatives have to stay in hotels. Guests have to buy shower gifts and wedding gifts and maybe clothes for themselves to wear

Honeymoons have to be booked.

Just think of all those markets and industries lighting up with new biz.

And then once the wedding’s over, there’s more to celebrate.

Artificial insemination costs or adoption fees for couples who want to have a family. Lawyers to draw up the papers. Houses to buy, gardens and yards to cultivate. Patio furniture and grills. Snow shovels and snowblowers. Homeowners insurance.

As relationship issues arise, there will be more of a need for couples counseling or therapy for the kids.

And let’s not forget the biggest boon of all in the marriage business: the infatigable, recession-proof industry known as divorce.

That tide might take a few years to turn, but turn it will.

After all, as the pro-gay marriage joke goes, gay Americans have every right to be as miserable as everyone else.


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