Attempt to denigrate Occupy full of lies

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor (May 9), "An 'Occupy' event with positive spin," characterizing the people of Occupy Wall Street as nothing more than violent criminals. The writer contrasts a recent clean-up of Ocean Beach with the actions of occupiers who theoretically commit "assault, murder, rape, and vandalism."

As a supporter of the Occupy movement I strongly object to such a characterization. Since last September I have worked with Occupiers from Occupy New London, Hartford, New Haven, Willimantic, and throughout New England. They are all people like myself: hardworking, with jobs and families, and deep ties to their local communities.

We plan actions intended to educate the public about how corporations buy our elected officials, skewing the legislative process to the needs of shareholders and profits, not the public good. And, most importantly, we are committed to non-violence, in word and deed.

I ask the writer to consider that name calling is a form of the very violence he objects to. Words are weapons, too. And I invite all to join the weekly gathering of Occupy New London, Thursdays at 5:30 at Soldier's Monument. Put name calling aside. There is much we can do together.

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