Coalition is working to improve parenting

Chris Powell's column on May 10, "To fix schools, fix parents first," gave only the final paragraph to the headline topic. For 17 years, the Community Coalition for Children has focused on helping children thrive through programs for parents, educators, community leaders, and students themselves. The annual themes have often addressed bullying in one form or another, but topics such as resilience, humor (a key strategy for all concerned), and communications skills have been instructive.

This coming October, the CCC will again provide our region with a nationally renowned speaker, Dr. Ron Taffel. He is a featured columnist in "Parents" magazine and the author of many books, including: "The Second Family: Dealing with Peer Power, Pop Culture, The Wall of Silence - and Other Challenges of Raising Today's Teens," plus "Childhood Unbound: The Powerful New Parenting Approach that Gives Our 21st Century Kids the Authority, Love, and Listening They Need to Thrive."

CCC's programs are free and open to the public, and offer sign and Spanish translations for the adult programs. This is lifetime learning about our most precious resource - our children. For further information, our website is:

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