Consistency needed in human rights policy

Over the crisis of the blind Chen Guancheng, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Chinese government to protect the rights of the people.

Our government should take a look at its human rights stand on the Palestinian issue over the past 60 years of Israeli cccupation.

Over this period, their treatment has gone from bad to worse with house demolitions, detentions without trials, numerous checkpoints, seizures of land and destruction of olive orchards. The Gaza Strip is a prison for 1.5 million Palestinians.

Israel has nuclear weapons, does not belong to the Nuclear Non-Proliferations Treaty, gets $3 billion a year in the latest, U.S. military aid and German built and subsidized submarines capable of firing nuclear weapons. Israel still gets the protection of the U.S. veto in the U.N. and is backing up Israel's threats regarding Iran.

Israel's security is not threatened by observing Palestinian human rights.

We have abandoned our leadership role in human rights and foreign policy and made Israel our surrogate in the area. Our government's reaction to the Palestinian attempt to be recognized as a state is a good case in point.

It is time we begin to practice what we preach!

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