Clint Eastwood’s family gets real on new E! series

Dina Eastwood has heard the question repeatedly: Why put her family and superstar husband on display for a reality TV show?

The answer is simple, she said. "Mrs. Eastwood & Company," the E! series that debuted Sunday, is her bid for stardom - not for herself, but for a vocal group, Overtone.

Eastwood discovered Overtone at a concert in Capetown, South Africa, where her husband of 16 years made the film "Invictus."

Although Eastwood pitched "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" as a showcase for Overtone, she decided the gender balance was off, so the show was expanded to include Morgan, her 15-year-old daughter with Eastwood, and her stepdaughter Francesca, 18. Also in the mix are Groucho Marx's granddaughter (married to Dina Eastwood's brother); a tart-tongued housekeeper; and a pet menagerie.

What's missing is the presence of Mr. Eastwood, who was in Atlanta starring in the movie "Trouble With the Curve" for most of "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" filming. That doesn't signal disapproval, Dina Eastwood said.

He supported her decision to do the show, after providing "every single warning you can possibly give someone," she said.


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