Mayor should not have taken vacation

Montville is being overwhelmed with legal and financial problems, yet where was Mayor Ron McDaniel? He was on vacation after six months in office. I guess he needed a vacation because the job was too much. I haven't ever heard of any past mayors leaving for vacation so soon after taking office and during budget preparation time. So what messes did he leave behind?

A town employee on administrative leave for over four months because McDaniel couldn't make a decision, handing it to the council. By charter they're not supposed to make the decision. A second employee is under investigation for alleged misuse of the Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing (COLLECT) system.

But that's not all, McDaniel also left behind an employee harassment case that he has been investigating since December and the possible loss of jobs with the closing of Hostess's distribution center. The council met without the mayor and they had to make decisions on employee contracts without input from the mayor.

Let's not forget he also proposed over a 6-mill increase for the taxpayers and businesses in town, even after slashing the education budget. Maybe McDaniel should take a permanent vacation.

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