Not enough done to save Catholic school

I attended the meeting May 21 at which Superintendent John Shine, representing the Diocese of Norwich and Bishop Michael Cote, announced the closing of St. Mary Star of the Sea School, ending 120 years of educational excellence in New London.

I recognize the dilemma faced by the diocese in making their decision, but strongly disagree. Solutions were offered, but dismissed as the decision to close was made prior to the meeting. I offered that we are in a war for the hearts and minds of our children and that a tax be imposed on all the parishes that do not support a school and the revenue used to shore up the remaining schools. Imagine if every man, woman and child registered in all the parishes in the diocese paid $5 a piece, two or three times a year; millions could be raised and it would not be a tremendous hardship.

A professional fundraiser/grant write could be hired to help raise funds and promote schools.

In these dire times the diocese should spend more, not less, on the remaining schools. We are asked to donate money to support foreign causes, yet ignore our children's needs right here? Shameful.

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