Loosen Up Lester

If you've watched Jon Lester throughout his career in Boston you know that for whatever reason he tends to get off to a slow start. We're seeing that again this year and saw it again last night against the Orioles. Performance aside it has been Lester's attitude and overall demeanor that have really thrown me so far this year.

 Giving Bobby Valentine a stare down being taken out of a game is one thing. Watching a bullpen pitcher (Atchison has been fantastic by the way) give up a run in a jam that you put him in then proceed to make a face, yell and head in the clubhouse while the inning is still going is a total other thing and a much bigger problem.

 By the way, it's not the first time we've seen this behavior from Jon Lester this season.

 If he's mad at himself for his performance and that's what elicited his reaction I apologize 1,000 times. I watched the replay on my DVR several times and that's not what it looked like to me.

 There's a simple solution to all this for Lester. Pitch better.

 According to Gorden Edes for Espn Boston, last night was the sixth start in 12 that he gave up the lead and was unable to hold it. For the "#1" guy in the rotation that's not going to cut it.

 Lester is a tremendous talent and still has the ability to put together a great season for Boston and believe me the Red Sox need it. But this entitled attitude has to stop. We saw it toward the end of last season and we're seeing it way to much already this year.

 Things like staring down the umpire every close call, overtly being upset when Bobby Valentine takes the ball and, above all else, plainly disrespecting his teammates by scowling in the dug out has got to stop. If these things fueled him and the results were there it would be a different story. So far this year that has not been the case.


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