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Keep wind farms from Block Island

The May 27 headline in The Day, "Wind farm controversy buffets tiny Block Island," shocked me. For anyone to propose, or people to tolerate five huge, 90-ton, 650-ft tall wind generators in shallow, prime sport and commercial fishing water in the middle of Block Island waters, is unimaginable. I hope it is rejected.

The disadvantages far out weigh any possible gains and could ruin the area forever.

Let me cite a report from John Dessauer's market hotline about three wind turbines the Danish politicians installed in the Faroe Islands. "The first winter storm destroyed them. One was bent in half with the propellers on the ground. The politicians are nowhere to be seen but the irreparable windmills are an eyesore."

The feeble fact that the fiscally generous but broken U.S. government will flip the bill as they did for Solyndra is no excuse.

We live in an area where there are thousands of well-trained energy experts from the Merchant Marine, Navy, Coast Guard and the nuclear industry with vast experience with reliable, affordable and safe power generation.

I hope they will speak up on this issue. Our country doesn't need another technical or political loser.

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