Why do some drivers still shirk seat belts?

I still cannot believe how many motorists were fined for not wearing their seat belts over the Memorial Day weekend.

Many people say, "It's a free country. I don't have to wear a seat belt if I choose not to." Besides running the risk of being ticketed, your life, most important of all, is at risk.

My mom was killed in 1987 when someone accidentally ran a red light. She was wearing her seat belt when the police arrived, and the Jaws of Life were used to extract her from her car. She was hit full force on the driver's door.

If she chose not to wear a seat belt, she would have been a human projectile and possibly gone right through the windshield or side glass windows but I guarantee you, if she could come back and talk to everyone, she would tell you, please wear your seat belt.

A lot of motorists think, "That could never happen to me." Well, we never thought in a million years it would happen in our family, but it did.

Yes, you can get killed wearing your seat belt, but for me and our family, we will always wear our seat belts because we care about living and seeing what tomorrow brings.

Race car drivers wear seat belts because they get it. Do you?

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