Roberta M. Helming: "Single Mom" versus "Welfare Mom"

"Single Mom" versus "Welfare Mom"

The too often used term "Single Mom" is not a badge of courage across the board. Of course women who have been in a committed relationship or marriage where it doesn't work out and they find themselves "single" and "moms" should wear their title with pride and courage. For they at least attempted to bring their children into the world within a committed relationship.

Those women however, who have sex with someone they barely know without using protection and conceive a child are not doing their civic duty. For even before the baby is born, welfare and all of its co-existing benefits kicks in, beginning with prenatal care and WIC. And when the baby is born "Welfare Moms" are entitled to government subsidised money, subsidized rent, SNAP, free cell phones, medicaid - just to name some of the many government programs available. All of this, because they took no care while engaging in sexual activity - usually with a man who will be unable to pay child support.

Instead of spending all this money on women who seem to act more instinctually than rationally, why don't we send these individuals back home to their families to live a multigenerational life, as we used to do. Perhaps the realities of having to live with one's parents again would cause one to pause before quickly having another child with someone they barely know.

For it would be wiser to spend this money on the needs of those who bravely served our country. They seem to have to wait for their care, while "Welfare Moms," without fail, receive their money every month. And while it may be thought that having a baby is one's private right, it becomes not so when one can't afford to rear the child from their own funds. If it takes the welfare system to help raise a child, it is the tax payers who are actually raising said child.

Many children suffer and live in poverty because their mother decided to have a night of unprotected fun. Is it fair to that child? Hence, if you can't afford to raise a child on your own, cross your legs until you can. It will be better for you and your child.

There are so many people playing on society's sympathy with the famous line: "But I'm a Single Mom." Yes, and that was your choice for who thinks a man known for two weeks, that one sleeps with and becomes impregnated by is going to stick around to raise a child? And what about a woman with three children, with three different last names on - all on welfare?

For anyone who wants to be a "Single Mom" if things don't work out after being in a committed relationship, you deserve all the help our welfare system can give. But for those who want to start out being a "'Welfare Moms," don't call yourself a "Single Mom" - that has the connotation of trying to do the right thing in having children. "Welfare Moms" should be ashamed of themselves, acting in an irresponsible way and then feeding of the government - i.e., the taxpayers.