A turnaround solution for NL

Believe it or not, those who live in the surrounding towns want New London to thrive and prosper.

All Connecticut cities have two main obstacles: high property taxes and struggling schools. Boston cut property taxes by 85 percent in the early 1980s, and the city has flourished since.

The state should boost aid to New London so their property taxes can be cut by 85 percent. The turnaround would be dramatic and far reaching.

Los Angeles is having great success with some of its schools using the Green Dot system.

Each school is run by teachers, students and parents directly with no central office interference with each school receiving a lump sum to spend as they deem appropriate. The results have been surprising good and is being copied around the country.

With greatly improved schools and much lower property taxes, it would be possible to see bidding war break out for New London homes.

Now, wouldn't that be a headline.

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