Government pensions are breaking the bank

Remember the one about three guys walking into a bar?

Well, this story has three retirees walking into a bar. One is a former professor retired from the state of Connecticut making $260,000 a year. The other is a fire chief from Providence retired for 20 years, making $196,000 a year. The third is a police officer from a local town that's making 120 percent of his base salary.

The sad fact is there is no punchline, it isn't a joke. It is all true. Before you buy one school book, hire one teacher or gas up the public works truck you must pay these three people more than a half-million dollars.

Our local and state officials have been giving the candy store away for years. They have made bad decisions on our behalf. So when you get your next tax bill don't be surprised if it is just a bit more than last year.

Because those pensions I just mentioned also come with a cost of living adjustment.

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