Layoffs in NLPD averted

New London – Negotiations between the police union and the city ended Thursday with a labor deal that union President Todd Lynch said will avert any layoffs in the police department.

The tentative agreement was announced by Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio on Wednesday, but Thursday afternoon, the two sides spent about three hours finalizing the negotiations.

Lynch said the deal is complete and he expects to present the details Friday during separate meetings with the union's executive board and the entire general membership. Lynch said he would not publicly release details of the agreement until after those meetings.

"The working relationship between the mayor's and the union's negotiation team was good," Lynch said. "We've also implemented some moves to improve labor relations between the union and the mayor's office. At this point, it's a positive outcome for both sides."

In a statement, the mayor said, "The negotiations were done in good faith and working together to move the city forward. I am very pleased we were able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement to avoid all layoffs in the New London police department."

On Wednesday, Finizio announced that layoffs in the police and fire departments could be avoided after labor negotiations. Finizio in May had said 10 police officers and 25 firefighters would lose their jobs in order to stay within the City Council's $83 million budget proposal for upcoming fiscal year.


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