NFA graduates 549 into 'real world'

A member of the Norwich Free Academy class of 2012 waves to supporters in the crowd as she processes in with classmates during commencement exercises at the school Friday, June 15, 2012.
A member of the Norwich Free Academy class of 2012 waves to supporters in the crowd as she processes in with classmates during commencement exercises at the school Friday, June 15, 2012.

Norwich — Norwich Free Academy graduate Brian Reyes admitted history wasn't always his strongest subject, but he drew several lessons from history classes Friday to give fellow classmates a push into the future.

"And as we, the Class of 2012, go forward into our own history, let us make it our mission to make it special," Reyes, the class speaker, said. "To continue the good will, the good work and the goodness we learned here at NFA. We can only be special if we find it in our hearts to do special deeds for others."

Reyes praised his history teachers for relating experiences in those classes not found in textbooks, including visits from "survivors who suffered and endured unfathomable struggles, overcoming severe trials and tragedies with the power of the human spirit."

Reyes was among the 549 graduates who crossed the sun-drenched NFA athletic field Friday — it hasn't rained on an NFA graduation in 20 or more years — for the school's 154th commencement exercise. Cheers sprang up from all points of the oval surrounding the field as well as from the packed — and unshaded — bleachers across from the stage.

Adeline Nelson, her husband, Reynold Nelson, and daughters Laura and Patricia quickly retreated to the shade provided by the Alumni Gym as they waited to see Robinson Nelson.

"I'm so proud of him," mom Adeline Nelson said as she welcomed a cool breeze in the shade. "He's a good boy."

Class Ivy Orator David Lyon loved his Advanced Placement English and global studies classes enough to make them the centerpiece of his address to classmates. But while NFA courses introduced him to cultures of the world, the school also gave him a chance to visit one, he said.

"My favorite memories focus on experiences like the day that I climbed all over the small Italian city of Urbino and put my limited knowledge of the Italian language to good use. Scenes like these, for me, mark the most important parts of my education."

He then turned to "the real world," calling it alternately the promise or threat given to high school students of the future ahead, when they all will have jobs and responsibilities.

"In the coming years, we're going to have more and more opportunities to look at the world without the filters that our families, educators and society have set before us, and we shouldn't miss out on them," Lyon said.

NFA continued its annual tradition Friday of inviting the graduating class of 50 years ago to participate in this year's ceremony. Seventy-three members of that class marched onto the field accompanied by bagpipes and escorted by NFA faculty.

Norwich attorney Stanley Lucas addressed the 2012 graduates with a dose of that reality Lyon hinted would soon come. After high school, Lucas became a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Vietnam War.

In these times of multitasking and electronic distractions, Lucas urged the graduates to be single-focused when it came to tackling tasks at hand.

"If you concentrate solely on that and do your best job," Lucas said, "you will achieve the best results."

Theresse Weigand-Watkinson of Norwich thought she may have started a new graduation trend. Theresse, who will enter seventh grade next year in home school, stayed up late Thursday night making a large, bright pink and decorated sign for her friend and dancing buddy and NFA graduate Jezzamyn Grace of Norwich.

"Way to Go Jezz! We Love You," the sign read.

While dozens of balloons of all sizes fluttered in the breeze, there were few signs to greet the graduates as they marched across the field.

"Someone behind me said, 'Oh, we should have made a sign,'" Theresse said.

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