The Amazing Kreskin messes with your mind in Mystic

The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin

Back in January of this year, The Amazing Kreskin told The Day, "I'm a thought reader, not a prophet."

He'll show off that ability Sunday when he performs at the Olde Mistick Village Art Cinemas. He will, as always, use his mentalist skills to find his hidden paycheck. Part of the schtick is that, if he doesn't find it, he doesn't get paid. But over the course of decades, he's only lost out nine times. And he's found his check secreted in some weird places - under a man's upper dental plate and down the barrel of a gun.

Kreskin may be 77 years old, but he's still working hard. He had 261 gigs in 2011. He became nationally renowned during 88 appearances on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."

"My career has been an adventure, I tell you. It really has," Kreskin said.


The Amazing Kreskin, 3 and 7 p.m. Sunday, Olde Mistick Village Art Cinemas, Coogan Boulevard, Mystic; $35;


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