Letter writer proves to be out of touch

In the letter to the editor June 20, entitled, "Don't expose impressionable Scouts to gay leaders," the writer displays a singular lack of knowledge of scouting, scouting leaders, and (apparently) men. Of all the things that scouting is about, the last would be the lifestyles of their leaders. I could recommend some books on the subject.

The writer should also be aware that "these young, impressionable boys" are far from naïve when it comes to today's lifestyles. Television has become a great equalizer. Also, their interaction, on a daily basis, with students who are children of same-sex parents, has no doubt given them a much better understanding than that of the writer. They, at their "tender" age are probably aware that men, whether military or not, don't "make up their minds regarding their sexuality." It is what it is! They deal with it. They're proud of it. The writer might want to "get over it!"

Lastly, the writer's suggestion that being a gay guy makes him something other than a man, is at once disturbing, delusional, and disgusting.

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