Protect Sub Base: Elect Chris Shays

I agree with the recent Day editorial advising Connecticut to remain vigilant for another round of base closures. As a member of Team Connecticut during BRAC 2005, I know the value of being connected to sources at the Pentagon during the BRAC process. Former congressman Rob Simmons had the connections and able staff members to penetrate the Department of Defense and allow Team Connecticut to overturn the Pentagon's wish to close the Groton Submarine Base.

There probably will be another BRAC round during the six-year term of our next U.S. Senator. We need to elect an experienced, connected and proven leader. Neither Linda McMahon nor the Democrat candidates have the connections to the Pentagon to lead Team Connecticut 2.

McMahon would be a na´ve freshman senator with absolutely no experience or connections to the military. Virginia and Georgia leaders would take advantage of her inexperience and press for Groton's closure to protect their bases.

That is why it is so important to elect Chris Shays to the Senate. He has the relationships we need. Don't risk the $3 billion in lost economic impact to Connecticut from a base closing. I urge my fellow citizens to ready for another BRAC by supporting Chris Shays for Senate.

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