The nation’s best burgers less than an hour away?

One of my many personal weaknesses is top 10 lists. I can’t get enough of them. I’ll read any of these countdowns magazines put out from time to time: Top 10 cities for retirees over 80? Yes! Top 10 grad school programs for dermatopathology? Sounds good to me.

But my brother forwarded one to me the other day that caught my eye, Yahoo! TRAVEL’s best burger cities in America. The list is dominated by big cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles. But the number one pick is the mid-size city right up I-95 from here: Providence.

In the description of Rhode Island’s capital city, the burger joint Harry’s Bar and Burger is singled out in particular. Harry’s is a quick walk down College Hill from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design on North Main Street.

I’ve been there before actually. I’m also embarrassed to say I didn’t even try a beef burger (pathetic, I know). My wife’s a vegetarian and we were kind of short on money at the time, so we shared a plate of vegetarian sliders, which were actually great (made fresh with black beans).

Harry’s specializes in slider burgers, the small ones-- my wife calls them “cute”-- that you find at White Castle or Krystal down south. They’ve got some creative toppings on the menu too. Cheese, bacon mushrooms and fried onion strings; Swiss cheese and caramelized onions; cheese, portabella mushroom and truffle aioli.

So if you’re heading up that way sometime, you might want to try it out. Could be your only chance to partake in some of the best burgers in the country.


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