Montville should not pay such high salaries

For years, we heard about the silent majority who could transform government spending like a lightening bolt. Where are they? Spending seems to be the lifelong ambition of elected officials. I believe some of them go to sleep trying to think up new ways to tax us. I received brochures from my state senator and representative extolling their accomplishments, however, there was not one word about cutting spending.

They gave the governor all the tax increases he asked for, do you think they will take them away when the deficit is paid? No way! The towns are no different. Whoever replaces the existing official comes in at the same salary, be it the mayor, school superintendant, principal, etc.

The Montville superintendent is making $22,000 more than she did two years ago. Heck of an increase. Our new mayor came in at the same salary as the previous mayor with no prior experience. None of this happens in the private sector. People must earn their increase.

Montville taxpayers will get an estimated $400 tax increase. How do people afford that? I had to wait three years for my Social Security to increase, and not by $400. Cut spending, top to bottom, and tell school board don't hire at these high salaries.

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