Comments on elderly were insulting

It seems as if everyone is on pins and needles in this forlorn economy. I mean when a major Foxwoods bigwig complains in The Day, "Should Massachusetts learn from Foxwoods?" (May 25), about the tightwad elderly cruising around his concourse in their wheelchairs or creeping along on their varicose-vein legs toting those unsightly oxygen tanks, now that demonstrates the effect stress can have on a person!

I guess bad results always need a scapegoat and the anonymous senior population is as good a target as any. Perhaps our retired skinflints should take what little money they set aside for a day out and a little recreational gaming and bring their oxygen tanks and wheelchairs elsewhere for a while. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

But instead of whining about these daytime geriatrics who frequent the casinos, the management of Foxwoods should hold a senior gratitude day (No High Rollers Allowed!), throw three or four healthy jackpots in the slots, host a bang-up buffet on the house, offer some real nice door prizes and send everyone home feeling content and duly honored, even if not terribly lucky.

A little pleasure and a little sincere appreciation goes a long way to brighten a dismally fixed income.

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