Who's got the best food at OpSail/Sailfest?

The tall ships may be the big draw in New London this weekend, but I think the food vendors lining City Pier and Bank and State streets have to be a close second.

The newsroom has begun taste-tasting the different offerings and some sure bets are beginning to emerge. Here are few we've tried so far:

-Munchies Food Truck: The one-time darling of downtown lunch dining is back on State Street with its signature burgers, falafel and fried chicken sandwich. I tried the fried chicken sandwich with some habanero sauce on top (highly recommended and a great deal at $5.50).

-Little Sister's Grilled Cheese: A few people in the newsroom have tried this place, specifically the ham and cheese and a goat cheese and veggie grilled cheese. There was applause on the ham and cheese but mixed reviews on the goat cheese and veggies (Although my guess is this sandwich is good. The thumbs down came from an overly picky reviewer, I suspect.).

-The place selling po'boys on City Pier: Not certain of the name of this place but David Collins was impressed with the bourbon chicken po'boy. There's also steak and bourbon shrimp varieties. Sounds good to me!

-North End Deli: Kathleen Edgecomb liked the clam fritters here.

-Asian cuisine on State Street: There's a tent featuring Asian cuisine like grilled chicken skewers, fried rice and rice and beans. Kathleen Edgecomb and Jeff Johnson tried this place today. They seemed to be chowing down pretty fast, so I took that to mean it's pretty good.

-Corn patties with cheese in the middle: This item being sold on State Street seemed a little out there to me, but Dave Davis in sports was excitedly heading straight to this tent the last time I saw him.

-A couple of drink places: There's a Del's Lemonade stand out there. This Rhode Island original is a refreshing slushy lemonade with little pieces of lemon rind in there. There's also a blended drink place right behind the train station that David Collins seemed to think has a good reputation.

-East Coast Catering is serving quesadillas. Tim Cotter tried the chicken, priced at $6.50. Sounded like a good deal to me.

I'm sure I missed some. So if you've had some good food that people visiting this weekend should know about, post it below and enjoy OpSail!

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