Official with Mystic Aquarium ties named to Marine Sanctuary board of trustees

Mystic - Stephen Coan, the president of Sea Research Foundation, the parent organization of Mystic Aquarium, has been appointed to the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation's board of trustees.

"Like Sea Research Foundation, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is dedicated to protecting our oceans and I am honored to join their board," said Coan. "It's been a privilege to be associated with the foundation since its inception and to have personally visited all 14 of our nation's marine sanctuaries.

Coan has been with Sea Research Foundation since 2001, became its chief operating officer in 2004 and president and chief executive officer in 2006.

"Bringing hands-on knowledge of coastal New England, he represents one of the nation's important sanctuary communities, and as head of Sea Research Foundation and Mystic Aquarium, he represents a leading voice on ocean awareness," NMSF President & CEO Jason Patlis said.


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