Fitch problems start right at the top

To The Sports Editor:

I am a proud alumnus of Fitch High School, graduating class of 1998. I was a proud member of the football team and basketball team under coaches Mike Emery, Charlie Miller, James Childs and Dave Huber.

I remember the days when Fitch football and basketball teams were always among the best in the area.

In response to Mike DiMauro's column on July 5 about due process being available to dismissed coaches, I believe the problem lies in another place: with principal Joe Arcarese.

It's my opinion that Mr. Arcarese has been a hindrance to Fitch athletics since Charlie Miller left the program two weeks prior to the 1997 basketball season. Arcarese somehow talked his way into the boys' basketball job after a more qualified assistant coach was available, considering he was Charlie's assistant for years and knew the team better then Arcarese ever could.

Arcarese left after one losing season, only to come back as the assistant principal.

It's not right that Mr. Arcarese dismissed Huber, who played for Fitch and coached there. It's not right his assistants didn't get an opportunity. The athletic director was quoted in The Day saying the new coach girls' coach "seemed" to know a lot about basketball and the girls "seemed" to like her.

Has anyone ever questioned Mr. Arcarese's knowledge of sports? Why does he have the right to hire and fire all basketball, football and baseball coaches? Isn't that the athletic director's job?

When I went to Fitch, athletic director Mike Ellis called the shots. Not Mr. Piela or Mr. Brown. I feel that Arcarese is ruining Fitch athletics and no one is paying attention because of Groton's superintendent of schools issues.

Fitch is losing former players looking to give back to the school. I blame one person: Joe Arcarese.

Jeremey Bills



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